Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans in PURPLE are for grades K-1.
Lesson Plans in BLUE are for grades 2-3.
Lesson Plans in GREEN are for 4-5.

Table of Contents

Pg. 1- Friendship Fish- Understand how to make and keep friends and work cooperatively with others.

Pg. 2-  I Can Toucan- Taking responsibility for ones own action

Pg. 3- Truth Juice! - 

Pg. 1- Friendship Fish

Friendship Fish
Grades K-1

EP 2- Understand how to make and keep friends and work cooperatively with others.

Habit- Think Win-Win & Synergize

Materials: Scales for each student, Rainbow Fish Book, Large Fish for Hallway, markers/crayons/colored pencils

Anticipatory Set:  Read the Rainbow Fish book.

Discussion:  How did the Rainbow Fish change during the story?
                        Was he a good friend at the start?  Why not?
                        Was he a good friend at the end?  Why?
                       Why do you think it was hard for him to give away his scales?
                        How can we be good friends?

Activity:  Give each student a “scale” have him or her decorate it showing how he or she can be a good friend to someone.  Walk around and write a sentence on their scale explaining their idea.

Closure:  Tell students that their scales will be added to our school rainbow fish.  Talk about how we are synergizing to make a beautiful fish in the hallway for everyone to enjoy.

Here's a link to the book!

Best markers in the world!  You are never too old for these.  LOVE THEM.

Pg.  2- I Can Toucan

EP- 1- Taking responsibility for ones own actions- Positive Self Talk
Be Proactive

Materials: giraffe puppet, I can toucan (puppet of a toucan or you can make a paper toucan)- I found my puppet toucan on Oriental Trading!  Toucan Coloring Sheet (scroll down).

Anticipatory Set: Tell students that today you are going to give them a test.  You want them to try their hardest on it.  Observe how they react to this news.  Talk about how their attitudes sometimes get in the way of their achievement.  Even if we don’t want to do something having a good attitude is important.

Story: Tell a story about Jenny who is in 1st grade (use giraffe puppet to tell the story)… talk to her throughout the story.


This is Jenny, she is the “baby” in the family.  Everyone calls her this (hold up giraffe or some other puppet).

She is always at her teacher’s desk asking for help and because her teachers were kind they always helped.  Often took work home and had her brothers and sisters help her.

When Jenny started first grade things changed.  Her teacher, Mrs. Peterson said: “Boys and girls you are in first grade now and that means you are growing up.  You are no longer the ‘babies’ of the school.  This means I expect you to use your brains and think for yourself.”

Jenny began to worry.

First math assignment- did what she usually did.  Mrs. Peterson told her to sit and try to do the problems. 

Jenny decided she would just pretend to try and then she would take the work home and get her brothers and sisters to help her.

Mrs. Peterson was pretty smart and she quickly figured out what Jenny was doing.  Called a conference with her mom.

When Jenny’s mom learned what Jenny was doing she and Mrs. Peterson devised a plan for themselves.  (What do you think they decided to do?)

From then on when Jenny asked for help from her family they encouraged her to try on her own. 

Jenny was frustrated at first.  Then she finally realized that she was going to have to try on her own.  She sat down at her desk and thought about each math problem and tried to remember what her teacher had said.  When she finished her assignment and turned it in she felt very proud.  (Why do you think she was proud???)

Jenny got her paper back and she had answered most of the questions correctly.  She had missed 2 of the questions but she knew what she had done wrong. 

Later that day Jenny saw a kindergartner trying to zip up his coat.  She was about to walk over and do it for him but then she thought of a better idea.  What do you think Jenny did?

How did Jenny’s attitude change from the beginning of the year?  How have you changed this year?  Can you do a lot more on your own?

Let’s pretend that your teacher just gave us a math worksheet to do that is really hard.  Model a bad attitude.  Ask students what they SHOULD be saying!  Write these down (for hallway).

Have students color their “I Can” toucan.  Tell them these are going to be on display in the hallway to remind them how important an “I CAN” attitude is.

Hallway Display- put toucans in a tree and have speech bubbles coming out with “positive” sayings.

I know that not EVERYONE is comfortable with puppets but I challenge you to really get into this lesson and even squawk loudly when you are being the toucan.  The kids LOVE it.  I also make sure that the teachers are aware of this lesson and I tell them that when they have a student who is not giving 100% to remind them of their toucan.  My teachers last year did this and they said it produced great results.

Pg. 3- Truth Juice

One of my most powerful lessons!  I love this one :o).  

EP1- Exhibit principles of character- including honesty

Materials: Two CLEAR cups- one labeled TRUTH JUICE and the other Louie.  Pour water in the Louie glass.  Bleach can go in the TRUTH JUICE glass.  Bleach and food coloring, maze, puppets for story

Anticipatory Set:  Tell the following story about Junior and Louie.  Each time Louie lies add a drop of food coloring to his glass.

Louie and Junior live in the same neighborhood and ride the bus together each day.  They are also in the same first grade class! 

One morning, on the way to school Louie and Junior were throwing Junior’s new bouncy ball back and forth on the bus.  The bus driver saw them in his mirror.  “Who is throwing that ball?” he asked.  “Sorry Mr. D, it was me.” Junior said.   The bus driver then asked, “Louie, were you throwing the ball as well?”  “No sir, I wasn’t throwing anything.” Louie lied.  “Put the ball away Junior, and thanks for telling me the truth.” Mr. D said.  “Seems funny that no one is admitting to throwing the ball with you.” Mr. D said, knowingly.

Once the two boys arrived at school Junior and Louie both lined up to get off.  Louie started pushing the boy in front of him.  “Stop pushing.”  The little boy said loudly.  “Are you pushing Louie?” Mr. D asked.  “No, I accidently tripped.” Louie lied again.  “It wasn’t an accident!” the little boy complained.

Louie and Junior arrived to class.  Louie noticed that their teacher, Ms. Smartie had left some of the treasure chest items out on the back table.  “She must have forgotten about them.” Louie said to Junior.  “I’ve had my eye on that spin top for awhile.” Junior said.  “Me too.” Replied Louie.  Then Louie walked over and took the top off the table when no one else was looking, he quickly put it in his pocket.  Ms. Smartie turned around and saw that the top was missing, she asked the class if anyone knew where it went.  “I have no idea where it is Ms. Smartie.” Louie replied.  Junior knew that Louie had taken the top and he felt terrible about it.  He didn’t want to turn in his friend but he hated lying to Ms. Smartie about it.

Later, during reading on the carpet, Louie was sitting next to his friend Lisa.  Lisa asked him to scoot over because he was too close.  Instead of scooting over Louie flicked her leg hard.  “Ouch,” Lisa said.  “What happened?” Ms. Smartie asked.  “Louie just flicked my leg,” Lisa explained.  “No I didn’t.”  Louie lied.  “You did so!” Lisa said.  “Maybe both of you should go back to your seats.” Ms. Smartie replied.  Lisa went to her desk and started to cry.

It was time to line up for lunch.  Everyone went to get their backpacks.  Louie noticed that Eric had a new lunchbox with Spiderman on it.  “Spiderman is STUPID.”  Louie said.  Eric made a face, “I really like my new lunchbox, my cousin gave it to me.”  “Well, I think it is dumb.” Louie said.  Eric started crying and walked to get into line.  “What happened?” Ms. Smartie asked.  “Louie said that Spiderman was dumb and it hurt my feelings.” Eric told Ms. Smartie.  “No I didn’t!” Louie said.  “Are you sure?” Ms. Smartie asked.  “Yes, I told him that I thought Spiderman was cool and that his old lunchbox was dumb.” Louie lied again.  “Well, maybe it was a misunderstanding.  Line up boys.” Ms. Smartie said.

After lunch the students went out for recess.  Louie ran over to Junior to see if he wanted to play with the bouncy ball again.  “No thanks.” Junior said.  Louie saw the little boy from the bus playing with soccer with his class.  “Can I join in?” Louie asked.  “No way.” The little boy answered, “You’ll play too rough.”  Then Louie saw Lisa swinging.  Louie grabbed the swing next to her and smiled, Lisa quickly got off and went to play somewhere else.  Louie looked over at Eric.  Eric was swinging on the monkey bars, Louie was really good at that.  He ran over, “Look how good I can swing!” he said.  “I’m done with the monkey bars,” Eric said and he walked away too!

Louie was left all alone.  No one seemed to want to play with him.  “What gives?” he thought.  He then remembered the top in his pocket.  He pulled it out and spun it quietly on the blacktop.  It wasn’t very fun though.  Ms. Smartie saw Louie and came over.  “Why are you so sad Louie?” she asked.  “No one will play with me!” Louie said.  “Really,” Ms. Smartie asked.  “Why do you think that is?”  “I dunno.” Louie answered.  “Where did you get that top?” Ms. Smartie asked.  Louie’s face turned bright red.  He had forgotten that he had stolen the top from Ms. Smartie that morning.  “Um, I got it from home.” He said in a panic. (drop)

 “I know that is a lie Louie.” Ms. Smartie said.  “You know when you tell me a lie it makes me not want to be around you.  It is no fun being around people who are not honest.”  Ms. Smartie explained.  “Maybe you should think about that.” 

Stop the Story to Process:  

Have the students talk about what happened to Louie as his day went on.  

What did the lies do to Louie?  One lie didn’t really change him that much but the more he lied the “grosser” he got.  

There is something that Louie can do to make things a little better.  Any ideas?

What can he do for Ms. Smartie? –admit about stealing the top  (add a drop of bleach)
What can he do for Eric? – apologize for making fun of his lunchbox (add a drop of bleach)
What can he do for Lisa? –apologize for flicking her leg and tell Ms. Smartie what happened (add a drop of bleach)
What can he do for the little boy on the bus? Apologize for pushing him (add a drop of bleach)
What can he do for Mr. D? – admit to his mistakes (add a drop of bleach)
What can he do for Junior? Apologize for lying about the ball (add a drop of bleach)

Closure:  Talk to the students about what happens when Louie goes back and tells the truth.  Talk about why it is hard to tell the truth sometimes but that it is still very important.  

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